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Receivable / Payable Reports

OPTION : Report -> Outstanding -> Receivable / Payable :

Outstanding report contains receivable and payable reports with different option.

Receivable and payable report shows FIFO based detailed outstanding as on current date. Outstanding details contains bill amount and pending amount. Outstanding report finds bill details from last two year's data. If details not found from last two year's data, then outstanding detail of such amount shows as previous balance.

Following working options are available with Receivable and payable report.

Add / Modify

  • Accounts cab be created and modified from main summary report.
  • Vouchers can be inserted and modified from detailed outstanding report

Date (F2) :

  • By default, outstanding report shows outstanding as on current date. Date is used change outstanding date.
  • Date displays at right top corner of the report. Give date to view report for specific date.

Selection : (ALT + S)

  • Master selection gives selection for account group, city, area and party.
  • Make desired selection to view outstanding report for selected city, area, or party

Due Days : (ALT + D)

  • It asks the day range. Age wise outstanding report shows according to days given here.

Report View : (ALT + V)

  • Different formats of outstanding reports can be selected. Default formats cannot be modified. New formats can be created using template report designer.
  • FIFO Report shows detailed report with bill no, bill date, bill amount and cumulative balance amount.
  • Summary Report (Optional) show outstanding amount after considering post dated cheque. It shows pending amount, PDC amount and net amount.
  • City and Area wise Summary Reports are available.
  • Age wise Reports shows outstanding amount of different due day ranges.

Print : (ALT + P)

  • It opens print dialog to print the outstanding report. Select the report format to print.
  • Collection Letter printing is also available from outstanding report print.