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Analytical And MIS Reports

OPTION : Report -> Manegerial Report -> Party wise Cash/Debit :

Party wise cash/debit report contains party wise receipt / issue and party wise item wise receipt / issue report.

Follow the above option shows a list of parties. Enter on party to view its sales, purchase transactions. It contains item wise receipt and issue details for each voucher of the party.

Party wise stock report displays sales & purchase invoices, return vouchers, challan voucher and production vouchers. It also shows stock transfer vouchers conditionally.

There is following option for party wise Cash/Debit report

Add (ALT + A)

  • This option used to add selected voucher.

Delete (ALT + D)

  • This option used to delete selected voucher.

Detail (ALT + T)

  • With the use of this option you can show the all voucher detail without open bill.

Date (ALT + E)

  • With the use of this option you can set the date range which you want to show this list.

Audit (ALT + U)

  • Using this option you can Audit the selected entry and once you audit entry it can not be Modify and Delete Entry.

Print (Alt + P)

  • Using this option you can print the List of party and product wise with different printing format.

OPTION : Report -> Manegerial Report -> Sale/Purchase

Sale / Purchase report contain different type of format sale and purchase report, when you open sale/purchase report it will ask to which type you want report like (SALE, PURCHASE, PARTYWISE SALE, PARTYWISE PURCHASE, PRODUCTWISE SALE, PRODUCTWISE PURCHASE) you can select the type and then you can show the different type of format for selected voucher report.