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Kuber Accounting Software is a complete business management software utility that efficiently manage Company’s, Dealer, Distributor, Retailer, Whole seller, Manufacturers , FMCG Distributor, Accounting & inventory system in easiest way. Kuber accounting and inventory management software is an extensive solution to record all the details of sales, purchase, sale return, purchase return of the product, and simply tracks all the expenses or income through Bank and Cash Entry .Powerful yet flexible official accounting software provides full control of your inventory and invoicing which helps in accurate management and prompt analysis of your large, complicated financial data.

The primary functionality of the accounting software is to create New Company Records with company full details for the product sales and purchase analysis. Kuber Accounting Software facilitates and manages all the financial records including Stock , Inventory , General Ledgers, Taxations , Billing , Voucher , General Entry , Debit Note , Credit Note entries, Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Account (P&L Account), Trading Account etc.

Best fetcher of Kuber Accounting Software allows you to improve inventory levels, billing, stock management system, multi level stock report (Like As per Company, Packing , Type etc .We get four level filtering of the stock management ), analysis and camper stock, expenses and income with pervious multiyear final account. It is help to improve your business strategy. Kuber Accounting Software is not give a solution of Business Account but also give the various level of the management and marketing level reports like facility of SMS, Sales Man Report etc.

For improve your business Kuber Accounting Software gives you Barcode data access features and functionality that manages the large volume of organizational financial details in most accurate way.

Special fetcher of Kuber Stock Market Secretary Software is Share Market and Inventory of Share market gives report of Long Term / Short Term Profit and Loss Report , Intraday – Delivery Profit and Loss & also F & O ( Future and Options ) Profit and loss report with F & O Deri.

Bill entry also give the facility of Bonus / Split Share entry, IPO application and allotment of the share etc ..

To improve the business in FMCG market, Kuber Accounting Software give lots of special report and inventory to manage stock , scheme , discount , stock etc. with party wise and product wise. For FMCG market the party filter for zone , area wise is also add on fetcher.

Kuber Accounting Software is available in Gujarati, Hindi, English Language